BAS De ATAYANA (formerly known as I Love BAS) was found by I Wayan Arijuna Kesuma Yasa or better known as the name ‘Yan Kesuma’ has created great tourist attraction place at Br. Seribatu, Bangli.

With the genius mind that he posses he is able to see the possible opportunities around him, which is resulting BAS De Atayana to be one of the famous tourist attraction destination for both locally and internationally to enjoy the great beautiful nature view with a cup of tasty coffee and other varieties of drinks as well.

BAS De Atayana continue to give the best services and quality of products for its consumers. Yan Kesuma known to have a friendly character which enable him to interacts nicely with the consumers, agents as well as the guides. This also goes to the BAS De Atayana’s employees.

The warm vibe that BAS De Atayana gave along with the high quality products makes BAS De Atayana gaining more and more interest. Come sense Nature, Trusted Since 2001