BAS De Atayana (formerly known as I Love BAS Agrotourism) is the first agrotourism spot that located in Bangli, Bali – Indonesia since 18th of July 2001 and it has the concept of combining the nature with the result of plantation and agriculture.

Since then, BAS De Atayana has consistently introducing these commodities both locally and internationally. The agricultural products that are produces by BAS De Atayana including coffee and varieties of spices. Coffee Luwak is the most popular product that BAS De Atayana offers.

The rapid development as well as the friendly services and comfortable natural atmosphere makes BAS De Atayana becoming tourist attraction in Br. Seribatu, Bangli. Apart from that BAS De Atayana also becoming the first tourist attraction that brings eco-friendly products in Bali.

BAS De Atayana continue to grow by combining the natural agriculture and the modern style that will bring the consumers to sense stronger nature feels. This what makes BAS De Atayana unique and different from the other agrotourism places.

Every aspects of BAS De Atayana have makes the consumer wants to stay for so long. Release your stress by enjoying the bestseller cup of Luwak Coffee with the beautiful nature scenery at BAS De Atayana. So, please come and feel the sensation…!!! BAS De Atayana, Come sense Nature, Trusted Since 2001